Caledonia Occupational Health

How can Caledonia Occupational Health help you?

At Caledonia OH our priority is to help you keep both your business and staff healthy.

We’ll help you to keep your staff well and support them back to work quickly if they do become ill. We can save your business money, increase productivity and improve the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Caledonia OH have a range of services which are tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business. We can:

  • Help to reduce sickness absence by offering recommendations on workplace adjustments to support your staff back to work earlier.
  • Identify and advise on how to prevent and remove health risks in your workplace
  • Ensure your business meets its health & safety statutory responsibilities
  • Provide screening and surveillance services to identify the early stages of ill health in your staff.
  • Work with you to develop solutions to keep your staff with health issues safely at work and reduce (or avoid) sickness absence.
  • Give an independent and professional prognosis and advice on your staff who are unable to work due to long-term or short-term health problems.
  • Deliver lifestyle and wellbeing services to your staff, increasing productivity and staff retention and help your business to maintain a healthy workforce.


Why Occupational Health is important:

Your staff are the key to your business and are essential to the ongoing success of your business, whatever that might be.

Having good Occupational health support in your organisation will help your staff to stay healthy and safe at work and help you manage any risks in the workplace that are likely to result in work-related ill health.

Research shows that good health is good for business and better workplaces have better financial results. Every year over 170 million days are lost to sickness absence and the cost to the economy is estimated to be £100bn each year.

The longer your staff are off sick, the less likely they are to make a successful return to work. According to latest research after six months absence from work, there is only a 50% chance of someone making a successful return. 

Caledonia OH can help you to support your staff to be at thier best while at work or return to work quickly when they are unwell, which benefits both of you.